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MTV VMAs 2019: Best dressed celebrities

MTV VMAs 2019: Best dressed celebrities

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande may not have attend the MTV Video Music Awards together this year, but there was still big energy on the VMAs red carpet. Megan Thee Stallion continued her trademark “hot girl summer” tour, arriving early to perform in a custom Louis Vuitton monogrammed leather bodysuit. Taylor Swift wore a shimmering Versace blazer, making us wonder how Donatella Versace pronounces “Yeehaw” with an Italian accent. Diplo also came dressed as a hot cowboy. Lizzo was a siren, which we know because her custom red Moschino gown was covered in the word … siren. And there were a number of throwbacks, with not one but two Britney Spears impersonators, plus Lil Nas X channeling Prince in a a ruffled shirt and a silver sequined suit. Designer Marc Jacobs even made an appearance in Prada ruby slippers; he was there to receive the first-ever Fashion Trailblazer Award.

Unfortunately, a number of stylish nominees were missing from the red carpet, including Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and BTS. But it was a pretty fun night, nonetheless. Below, the best, worst, and most chaotic celebrity suits, dresses, and snakes from the 2019 MTV VMAs.

Most Ready to Head Down to Miami After the Show: Taylor Swift in Versace

For whatever reason, Taylor’s been deeply into ’80s-feeling Versace outfits as she promotes Lover. Did she frantically binge The Assassination of Gianni Versace last month? Has she just been kicking around Miami lately? We’ll simply never know.

Most Glamorous: Lizzo and Rosalía

It’s nice to see people rise to the occasion. Lizzo loves feathers, as evidenced by her appearance at the Met Gala this year. On Monday night, she wore a custom look by Moschino covered in red sequins and the word siren, in case you didn’t catch that.

Biggest Shrug: Heidi Klum in Nedo

Do you think Heidi is as perplexed as we are by why she’s been to three out of the past four VMAs? Presumably, it’s so she’ll show up and just…do her Heidi Klum thing, and she must agree with that theory, judging by this typically boob-oozing, thigh-flashing ensemble. We would say it’ll go in the dictionary under “Peak Klum,” but it has too much competition to guarantee its inclusion.

Most Bridal: Camila Cabello in Balmain

Look, if you were teasing a potential romance with the dude with whom you’ve recently released a sexy duet, and you were both going to show up at a big event like this one, you’d totally wear a white gown too and dare everyone to write wedding commentary. We have taken your clever PR bait, Camila! Point to you!

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Most Likely to Get Us to Do Pilates: Normani

Motivation, indeed.

Best Prince Impression: Lil Nas X

He respects his elders, and we respect that.

Best Inspo: 2 Chainz

“Wow, 2 Chainz is testing our resolve not to shop” is not a sentence we expected to write today. We’re not entirely sure if that cute swingy coat fits 2 Chainz, but we are wholly convinced it would work on us.

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