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Thicker thighs are nice and Fashionable

Dark and beautiful has always been the trending look.
These days “Dark” seems to have been replaced but nothing beats “Big and Beautiful”. Big makes beautiful extra and more. Having big thighs can be an inconvenience especially when shopping for the right size.

Just maybe the right size isn’t good enough. Well, it’s not everyone who has big thighs and a small waist but if that being the case there is nothing better to accentuate a small waist,in a flattering and appealing manner while making you look curvier than a pencil skirt.

Wear a pencil skirt with long sleeved tackle neck tucked into your skirt.There are different ways of tucking in, be it full or semi or quarter way. Try it out. Heels and jeans especially nude shades are quite good in making your thighs appear thinner and longer.

If you want to look slender,try some heels.Chunky heels are good for a chicky look.
Tucking in can also draw in attention to your round hips and tiny waist. In building your look,don’t avoid dark shades.Dark colours have a way of hiding certain parts of your body .Black is also an appealing contrast to the skin.

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It will help conceal bumps and lumps because of its slimming effect.As much as hiding is an option,there is nothing to wide when it comes to thick thighs. The thicker the thighs,the lekker it is.
Opt for high waisted trousers and make sure the hem ends on slimmest part of your legs.This is a sassy outfit. Add a leather jacket and some killer accessories. Strips and layers never fail and are definitely a go ahead.Patterns have an effect such as dark colours.Vertically striped pants and shirts have the capacity to make one look slimmer and longer.Adding heels will even accentuate your body structure.
Personally, I would have said flared pants look better on slim figures but big thighs take the crown.An extremely comfortable and a chicky look indeed.Pair with a pinstriped button clan. Accessorise with sunglasses and earrings.
A line Outfit is best for complimenting your big thighs.
This can even be a designer look or your tailor can do it for you using your beautiful African print.


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