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Nimrod Nkosi Steps Out

Nimrod Nkosi Steps Out

Popular former Lotto host, lead actor and tv host Nimrod Nkosi was seen to be courting a colleague on the set of a local TV Show.

Nimrod Nkosi, a seasoned TV professional, was seen to be engaged in romantic cohorts with an undisclosed colleague on the set of Utatakho in Ruimsig last night. Ordinarily, this is wouldn’t be a story to pull any attention, except…. Nimrod is a married man!! Nimrod Nkosi is known to proudly wear his marriage in his circles, something he dons with great honor. A close source confirmed that suspicions rose on the set of Utatakho yesterday when Nimrod arrived on set, as per call time, wearing his pungent wedding ring, but later removed the ring when the unnamed colleague arrived. 

Amid the all the rustle and bustle of a busy TV set like Utatakho, Nimrod was seen disappearing into thin air with the apparent mistress. They were seen to take shelter into an unused room at the location. In this room, they found comfort in each other’s arms, as they were engaged in what can only be described as romantic entanglement. When called onto set to complete a scene, Nimrod quickly ushered into regular disposition on the set, as if nothing had happened. The female counterpart, in similarly fashion, rushed back into normal behaviour and went back to the company of the rest of the crew on set. The two remained a distance apart for the rest of the shoot, masquerading as if their working relationship is fruitless off of set, when that is not said to be the case. 

Almost expectedly, Nimrod quickly denied what he claims as allegations when we reached out to him in the early hours of this morning, claiming that he would never compromise the sanctity of his marriage, let alone with a colleague on the set of such a sensitive show. Colleague and employer on The Queen Shona Ferguson offered his words on the matter, “I’ve known Bra Nims and his wife for some years now and from what I’ve observed from them is that they’re a happy African couple with no reason to go seeking infidelity in their marriage. 

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Although claims have been vehemently denied, a close source claims to have seen a romantic courtship between Nimrod Nkosi and a colleague on the set of Utatakho.  

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