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Make Up Tips

Make Up Tips

Everyone wants to look good and it’s a fact. Whether you are a girl or boy_ or your like make up or you don’t, You still want to look Good
These tips serve to help on how to Tweeze your eyebrows.
I have noticed different shapes from tweezing
As bad as it sounds,I believe these tips can make a difference.
Since they say
Knowledge is power time is money.
First tip: Clean up your Eyebrows
This reduces the chances of plucking or tweezing in the incorrect areas. It highlights the pesky stray hairs.
When it comes to removing hair, it is important for the skin to be makeup free and cleaned.
So use make up remover.

Second Tip: Quality Tweezer.
There is nothing called perfection mirror, so don’t be deceived. The best you could ever get is Quality. Avoid razors and get tweezers for more precision. It also makes it easier to hold the individual hairs.

Third Tip: Trace your Natural Shape
Before tweezing, use a white pencil to outline the shape of your eyebrows. This also shows the stray hairs growing out of place. Don’t try eyeballing your shape.
By not outlining the shape ahead of time, You can lose control and end up with brows that look like distant sisters and not twins.

Fourth Tip: Tweeze Twice
After outlining the shape, Start tweezing. If you want a natural look, hold the tiny stray hairs. Avoid plucking more than two hairs at a time.
Isolate the hair by lifting it up from the skin and gently pull.

Before evaluating the shape,it’s actually easier to pluck out more.

Firth Tip: Don’t Rush
When tweezing, your should be really patient and take it slow.
Definitely no need to rush.
This reduces any chances of making mistakes.

See Also

After Tweezing, clean your tweezers to reduce infection from transfering to the skin.
Soothe your skin using a moisturizer.

Otherwise this is a job for professionals.

Miss KK

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