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Black Coffee and Enhle: What Went Wrong?!

Black Coffee and Enhle: What Went Wrong?!

By now you’ve probably already heard that Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali are on their way to a divorce but we’re all still wondering what on earth went wrong?

Before we go all the way back, let’s just catch you up on the latest. 10 days ago Enhle Mbali confirmed what we had all been suspecting for a long time: that she and Black Coffee were in court trying to finalise a divorce after realising that their marriage was no longer going to work. Watch her emotional confession here: 

It didn’t take long for Black Coffee to confirm the news either: 

However things got ugly this week after an expose was leaked to the tabloids where a former nanny revealed that she was suing Enhle Mbali for R100,000 for what she believes to be an unfair dismissal.

While this made sense on the surface, a little digging revealed that this may have been a ploy by the Black Coffee camp to try and take the attention off of his own on-going court case (and no, we are not talking about the divorce). 

In summary: kushubile right now. But how did things get this bad? 

In order to fully understand what went wrong with Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee, you have to go all the way back to understand how their relationship blossomed. 

Black Coffee and Enhle emerged as an exciting power-couple from 2010 onwards and their relationship got really serious, really quickly. However, it didn’t take long for their young marriage to start facing challenges. 

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If you’ve been following their relationship from the early years you will remember the controversies which included one of Black Coffee’s side chicks going as far as landing a magazine cover and thereafter exposing all of his and her dirty secrets. 

2019 was the year that things changed, however. Not only were they no longer seen in one another’s posts, but the former lovers were rumoured to be divorcing on a much more frequent basis. It didn’t get any easier when Black Coffee was rumoured to be cheating on Enhle with Cathy Guetta (David Guetta’s ex-wife). 

The final straw came last week when Enhle decided to come forward and tell the public exactly what was going on. Sadly, all good things come to an end and although we were rooting for them, the adage bode true for Enhle and Black Coffee in the long run. 

As a complete aside, we don’t think either of them will have any trouble moving on.

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