6 Affordable Holidays for South African Millenials

“I like to go overseas but it’s rare that you’ll find me in a location like Paris, London, Thailand or any of the popular destinations around the world most of the time.” 

That was my friend Lethabo speaking. She went on to explain that she doesn’t like following the “mainstream” version of travelling (hinting that some locations are cliche and overdone). Instead, she stunts on the ‘gram while still travelling to beautiful islands and cities that we didn’t even know existed. Must be nice. 

Okay, back to us – the average South Africans who can’t leave the country as frequently as a travel influencer might. But whenever we do stamp our passports, we want it to be somewhere unique, memorable and interesting enough to tell a story about. Oh, and we want it to be affordable enough for our student/young-professional budgets, too. 

Do such places exist? 

Fortunately, they do. For less than R10,000, you can do some pretty epic travelling – and before you even say it, we know that R10 k is a fair amount of money. But if you are in a position where you can save this amount and spare it for a trip abroad, here are a few locations that will give you the best value for your Rand. 

Disclaimer our R10,000 covers flights, accommodation and minimal spending. Obviously, you will determine the final costs of your trip while there.


For R6240 – R7500 you can find yourself flying to Portugal during early-mid spring or late summer – a time of year when the weather is still great. Peak summer might see those prices rising a little higher. As for accommodation, a 1-week stay in Lusitania can cost under R2,000 for a decent AirBnB. If you’re willing to rough it in a hostel, the price goes down even more.


Alright, so you want to travel Africa right? Morocco is a big favourite for plenty of continental travellers and South Africans are no different. Flights to Casablanca from Johannesburg are a little on the pricey side; expect to pay R8000 return; but the affordable accommodation prices help balance out a potential holiday budget. 

East Africa 

If you want to do Africa but a different Africa then you might want to consider East Africa. Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda each offer different propositions but are not only affordable to travel to (less than R6,000 each) but they are rich in culture, experiences and extremely great/fresh food. Bonus: the Rand is extremely strong in these countries! Just don’t forget your yellowfever cards!


Brazil is the perfect introduction to South America. From the vast Amazonian beauty, to the infectious friendliness of the locals, Brazil is a must-add location for your bucket list. An entire holiday (flight and accommodation) can cost R8500 and a great perk is that South Africans don’t need visas to visit the South American nation.


If you’re looking for a “not-so-typical” Asian retreat, then Vietnam might be a country you want to consider. The former French territory is a picturesque South-East-Asian paradise that is as rich in history as it is in beauty. It’s another visa-free gem for South Africans and another country where the Rand can flex its muscles. The culture shock might be a little strong for first-time travelers, but the experience will prove to be worth it. Best of all, an entire holiday can be booked for R9,000. 

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